Brand Identity


Nomadic Brand Exercise

During the high-fidelity phase of my second major project at Bitmaker labs, I worked on developing the look and feel of a completely new brand called Nomadic. Nomadic is an outdoor adventure company that specializes in backpacks.

The project encompassed several phases, including: business model canvas, logo design, mood boards, style tiles, style guide, email design and atomic design principles.


Logo Progression

Logo Progression.png

Style Tile


Once I established the logo design, I worked on a business model canvas to establish the identity of the brand. I then worked on creating a mood board and style tile. For the Nomadic brand, the mood board consisted of minimalist fonts, adventurist photography, and an outdoor colour palette. From there I designed a style tile that embodied the look and feel I was aiming for.


Style Guide


To complete the project, I composed a style guide for the Nomadic brand. The guide outlines the philosophy of the brand and illustrates the proper usage of the logo and other elements of the brand including: colours, typography, voice & tone, iconography and more.