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About me

My career has spanned over ten years in both design and marketing and has come full circle to User Experience Design. I'm often at the forefront of technology, and early in my career I was an advocate for designing corporate websites and introducing the benefits of social media to high-level executives.

As a marketing manager, I was immersed in lead generation strategies and social media and even found myself writing blog posts for Forbes and Huffington Post.

However, my love for Google AdWords and SEO was reaching a peak, and I soon found that I enjoyed working in User Experience Design. During my time at Clearfit, I was wire-framing pages for the corporate website, and working with developers and UI experts where I felt truly proud of my efforts. The resulting project was a revamp of the corporate website that Clearfit's CEO appraised as the best version the company had ever seen.

It was at that point that I decided to enroll in full-time training....

Bitmaker: UX Professional Training

In 2017, I enrolled in Bitmaker's (General Assembly) full-time immersive UX Design program. It's a two-month intensive program that covers all facets of User Experience Design including: design thinking, user-centered design, user research, persona development, sprint planning, business models, user flows, information architecture, wire-framing, style tiles, high fidelity design, prototyping, testing and much more.

We were given an assignment every day, and I am proud to say that I had a 100% completion rate which was a first for Bitmaker; most of this was a result of 13-15hr days of straight execution. Some of my best work in the span of my career was produced during my training at this phenomenal school. I trained under some of Toronto's top UX professionals who come from companies like Blackberry, Mozilla, Opera VPN, MyPlanet, IBM, Shopify and more.

I worked on three exhaustive projects that delved into the stages and processes of UX Design. One focused on information architecture and navigation, another focused on high-fidelity design and prototyping, and the third, our final project, brought all of our learnings together.

You can view my final project and case study here.

The Next Chapter

As you can see from my recent experience at Bitmaker, I put my heart and soul into all of my projects. I expect only the best and strive to work with others to achieve exactly that. I'm passionate about UX Design and would love to work with you on your next major goal, project or inspiration.

Let's talk. Contact me.